Monumental apple press of Beton-Bazoches

Monumental apple press of Beton-Bazoches

Unlock the secrets of making apple juice and cider with the monumental apple press of Beton-Bazoches!

Le pressoir de Beton-Bazoches, proche de Provins
by appointment

Rue Tessier
77320 Beton-Bazoches





The apple press of Beton-Bazoches is monumental. It dates from 1850 and was built by Désiré Naveau, a member of the craftsmen association, Compagnons du Devoir et du Tour de France.

It remains a unique landmark in the Île-de-France!

Immediately upon entering the room, the eye is drawn by the 700-kg stone grinder, once pulled by a horse to crush the apples.
The precious slurry was then placed in double presses, which functioned alternately, yielding hundreds of hectolitres of cider.

This drink has always been very popular and cherished. That’s why, every year, the village organises The Cider Festival on the 2nd Sunday of October.
This is a great event, where you can see cider being made, taste it and walk the streets that turn into a huge flea market during the occasion!

This is certainly a unique journey back in time to the late 19th century.

Schedules & Prices

• Visit by appointment.

• Individual: 2,50 €
•  Group: 2 €


Rdv rue Tessier, 77320 Beton-Bazoches.

0033 6 75 47 74 78