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The monuments and the medieval fair town of Provins are open all year round.


The ramparts and the fortified gates


The ramparts and the fortified gates of Provins

The ramparts were built from the XIth to the XIIIth centuries, getting wider as the town expanded.

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The Caesar Tower


The Caesar Tower of Provins

This keep, with its complex architecture, is the symbol of the town and of the Counts of Champagne's power in the Middle Ages.

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The Tithe Barn


The Tithe Barn of Provins

During the Fairs of Champagne, this XIIIth century house was used as a covered market.

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The Underground Galleries


The Underground Galleries of Provins

These galleries were probably used as a quarry to extract a fuller's earth. Once they have been dug out, men put them to a variety of uses.

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The Museum of Provins and surroundings


The Provins & the Provins area Museum

The “Maison romane” is certainly one of the oldest civil edifice in Provins. It houses rare collections related to the history of the town.

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Religious heritage


Religious Heritage of Provins

The Saint-Quiriace Collegiate church, the Saint-Ayoul and Sainte-Croix churches, the Franciscan Abbey and the Bell Tower of Notre-Dame du Val.

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