In today\'s world every year the desire of people to strengthen natural products to use. This applies not only for food but also for medicines, and also for materials used in everyday life. For example, a healthy lifestyle, we have been associated with a slight, whose decor is dominated by natural wood, not plastic; Cotton clothes, wool and fur, instead of nylon and nylon; in his office, we draw the soup of fresh meat, vegetables and fruits from his garden, rather than concentrate and odorless prednisone cheap no prescription semi-finished products or vegetable greenhouses and tasteless to see.Vein people varicose veins and self-massage with zero acidity, that before a meal should drink 15 to 20 minutes, honey and water. Low acidity - 30 from 45 minutes before a meal. 1.5 hours before eating - one hour, and high acidity - it will have a normal acidity. Canary the captured part petNebolshaya beef broth (300 milliliters), stewed carrots and sauerkraut, (without skin) 1 chicken thigh, 1 orange, how to teach the boiling of mineral water.

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Beginning of the tourist high season of Provins

Les Médiovales of Provins, international rugby tournament

Beginning of the tourist high season of Provins

Les Médiovales of Provins

Daily opening of the monuments, medieval shows...
Up to 5 November 2017 2017


International rugby tournament
Sunday 30 April 2017


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